Kelly’s Heroes Story

Kelly the Owner with his Father Craig

A Cajun Family with Humble Beginnings

Kelly’s Heroes is owned and operated by the “Mcdonald Clan” stretching across many families and friends coming together to make one big, happy, food truckin’ business. Kelly McDonald is the president of the company with professional experience dating back to the early 90’s. His career has taken him on a journey all across the United States where he cooked in famous restaurants such as Canyon Lodge in Yellowstone National Park, John Colter restaurant in Colter Bay, Grand Teton National Park, and even in Hawaii at Ultimate Burger in Kona. Kelly isn’t a background operator; he believes the only way to ensure his recipes are on point is to execute them himself, only trusting his business partner, Balthazar, to take over the cooking when necessary. This is one of the perks to eating at food trucks! It’s rare to have food prepared by the actual designer and chef of recipes this day and age, aside from high-end, chef-driven restaurants that cost a fortune to dine. Kelly’s Father, Craig McDonald, is the dominant influence in Kelly’s life and an inspiration. Having owned two restaurants in Louisiana, Craig had the knowledge and wisdom to share with Kelly, giving the family business an advantage to get their endeavor up and running. Craig passed away in August of 2019, may God embrace him in the glory of Heaven. Kelly’s cousin Kelsey is a geologist by trade, but in his spare time he helps Kelly with all things technical. From designing menus, to creating professional web pages, he’s got the grit. Shannon is the resident artist, creating expert hand drawn chalkboard menus and stimulating inspiration for specials, as well as shopping at the market everyday hand selecting our fresh vegetables ensuring that our produce is top notch. To make this dream possible, Kelly has called on his whole clan for one thing or another, and he is ever-grateful for this blessing, and this statement is a “thank you” to everyone involved.


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Our People

Kelly McDonald
Kelly McDonaldBurger Master
Sannon Geerts
Sannon GeertsArtistic Professional
Shannon and Kelly are engaged to marry, and expecting. We can’t wait to meet our new addition!
Balthasar Suniga
Balthasar SunigaFirst Mate
Chantel Kees
Chantel KeesSupport Professional
Mac and Cheese Specialist and master taste tester.